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Most issues can be resolved at the store level. Check the troubleshooting guide for tips to consider before contacting MBR Store Support. Be sure to check it is powered on before any troubleshooting, sometimes things come unplugged or accidentally turned off. If you can’t get it to power on, confirm the breaker isn’t tripped. 

If a store cannot take orders please call Store Support @ 636-947-4433 x 2513 or Text 636-206-2118 after office hours.

Current Known Issues: (Updated 06/01/2023)


Flex client is not Connecting (6/01/2023)

If your store is having issues connecting to some clients to PULSE, Shoulder surfing or Delivery Dashboard, you will need to reset the Wi-Fi. You just need to find the power adapter (see Picture) to the wifi and unplug both ethernet cables for 10 seconds and reconnect them. The power supply should say Cisco on it. After resetting this your wifi is still not working please contact Global linking solutions (GLS) or submit a ticket. Do not call globalcare for networking issues, they can only help with Pulse. GLS helps manage and oversee the router area of stores. They work with internet service providers in certain situations and more specifically manage configurations and things regarding the Meraki router and Wi-Fi. 

Flex client screen is zoomed in or out: 
  1. Select the blue arrow in the top-middle of the display. (If this is not present, click or touch five times in the bottom right corner.) 

  2. Click on the diagnose option.  

  3. Press “CTRL” + “0” (zero) at the same time (do not use the number pad).  

  4. Turn the client off for at least two minutes to ensure it fully loses its session to Pulse.

  5. Turn client back on and the zoom should now be reset.

Split Makelines only displaying carryout orders (10/14/2022)

If you are only seeing delivery or non delivery orders on the makelines you will need to point that workstation back to delivery / non delivery orders

-Pulse Toolbar

-Master Settings


To Change makeline to Delivery

-Station Settings In the drop down of stations find the one that is labeled 0XXXX-0X-PTB-2X (there should be 2 stations named in the 20's)

-Change makeline to Delivery on all stations 0XXXX-0X-PTB-2X

To Change makeline to Non Delivery

-Station Settings In the drop down of stations find the ones that is labeled 0XXXX-0X-PTB-0X (there should be the same last number as stations in the 20's)

-Change makeline to Carryout on all stations 0XXXX-0X-PTB-0X

-Click Back arrow on top

-Check makeline to confirm delivery orders are showing up on the right side of the screen.

If you continue to have problems text 636-206-2118 with your name and your store number and what issue you are having.





User Account is locked out 
  • Currently there is no explanation why this happens

  • Once the account is locked there is a 30 minute timer started. Each time you try to logon will reset the timer for another 30 minutes.

  • If this has happened at your store before there should be an open ticket until this is resolved. You can check PWR> Globlcare for ticket numbers.

  • If they ask for a password please text 636-206-2118 with your store number and what the issue is to get a ticket opened with globalcare.

Cutting Edge receipts not printing 

If receipts are not printing please confirm receipts are turned on. It is not know why or how this is disabled. 

-Pulse Toolbar



-Store Parameters


-Make sure top Button labeled Receipts is green and After makeline is Green. 

-If any changes are made, click apply, close setup, and then Click Utilities and click IIS Reset 

-Restart Makeline

-After confirming all the settings it is still not printing please submit a ticket.

Flex Audio Settings 

Turn the client off. 
Turn the client back on.  
Repeatedly press “CTRL” + “ALT” + “S” at the same time until it boots to a desktop-like screen. 
Select “US”, with the time next to it, in the bottom right corner of the screen. 
Ensure audio icon (Looks like a speaker) is blue and the volume bar is set to max. 
Click on the headphones icon and ensure it is set to proper output (HDMI for display audio, headphones for auxiliary and or USB speakers). 
Manually turn the client off and back on. 
The audio should now be working correctly if the client was previously muted or set to the wrong output.
If the device is running Pulse, you can test sound by testing Internet alerts from Master Settings. 

Credit card reader connection error. 

How to Resolve the Connection Issue

  • Close out of Order Entry on all computers.

  • After the first step is completed, click on the Pulse Utilities menu and select Back Office.

  • Select IIS Reset (see below)

  • Once you click IIS Reset, wait 60 seconds, then launch order entry again, and attempt sending to terminal.



If anyone accesses the network cabinet, you must notify Store Support using the online form below. 

You can also report any IT related incident, suspicious activity around computers or networking, camera footage request, and visitors, whether they are expected or unexpected should be reported using this form.

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